Heather Satin


Heather Satin

Civil Lawyer
website: satinlegal.com

About Heather :

My goal is to help you reach your full business potential, while protecting your family's wealth and peace of mind.

I am passionate about working with small business owners.

After years in the corporate world, I wanted to create a firm that provides solo entrepreneurs and small business owners with the same access to ongoing legal counsel that the big guys enjoy. As a business owner, full-time Tahoe resident, and parent of two, I understand the demands of launching and growing a profitable, healthy business while maintaining excellent work-life harmony. I also understand how important it is to make sure that the business and family you sacrifice so much for will be protected if something happens to you.

Providing counsel to owners of growing businesses is much more than just cranking out documents; it's about looking at the whole picture, anticipating challenges and planning for them so that you are poised to confidently pounce on great opportunities before your competition.

I love helping my business owners as their creative-thinking business strategist, entrepreneurial mentor, complex-contract negotiator, product development analyst, and family wealth protector. If you are looking for a straight-talking, trustworthy, and dedicated advisor, we may be the firm for you!